Can you drive without insurance Singapore?

Every vehicle driven on Singapore roads must have motor insurance coverage at all times.

Can I drive my parents car without insurance Singapore?

Legal Consequences. The Singapore Motor Vehicles (Third-Party Risks and Compensation) Act stipulates that someone found driving a motor vehicle in Singapore without insurance coverage will be guilty of an offense and liable upon conviction to a fine of up to S$1,000, imprisonment for up to 3 months, or both.

Can you drive your own car without insurance?

You need to have sufficient motor insurance coverage for your vehicle. It is an offence to use a vehicle without valid insurance coverage. Motor insurance is also a prerequisite for road tax renewal. You can get motor insurance coverage from various motor insurance companies.

What happens if u drive without a insurance?

If you cause an accident and don't have car insurance, you may have to pay for the damage out of your pocket. You could also get sued if you don't pay. Police will likely charge you with driving without car insurance. You could face a hefty fine, license suspension and even jail time, depending on the state.

Do I need insurance to drive my parents car Singapore?

Car insurance is mandatory for all motor vehicles in Singapore as it keeps your motor vehicle insured in case of a traffic accident.

Do I need insurance on my parents car?

Most insurers cover someone else driving the policyholder's car with their permission once in a while. But, if you're going to start driving one of your parent's cars regularly, you'll need to be added or named on their auto insurance. You can't legally drive your parents' car without any insurance at all, either.

Can someone else drive my car Singapore?

You can allow different types of motorists to drive your car. Value Plan: The main driver and up to 4 other drivers who must be named on your policy schedule and/or certificate of insurance, 2 of which can be young and/or inexperienced drivers. The adding of additional driver is subject to additional premium charges.

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