Can you get private health insurance in the UK?

Most UK residents are entitled to free healthcare from the NHS. But many people also take out private medical insurance, which covers the costs of being treated by private healthcare providers.

How much does private health insurance cost UK?

According to ActiveQuote and BoughtByMany the average price for an individual private health insurance policy is £1,115 a year (as of October 2021) – but there are many factors that can make the price go up or down.

How much is private health care UK a month?

Based on extensive research, looking at eight leading health insurers (Aviva, Axa, Bupa, Freedom, National Friendly, The Exeter, Vitality, WPA) in 10 UK towns and cities, we can reveal the average cost of health insurance in the UK is £86.07 per month (£1,032.84 per year)*. *Pricing research conducted in February 2022.

Is private health insurance better than NHS?

Private sector healthcare can offer advantages over NHS treatment in some circumstances. People often consider treatment at a private hospital if they are looking for somewhere local, faster treatment, or more privacy.

How do I go private instead of NHS?

If your GP thinks you need to see a specialist and you want to pay for it privately, they can write a letter of referral to a private consultant or specialist explaining your condition and your medical history.

How do I access private healthcare UK?

You can get private treatment from a consultant or specialist without being referred by your GP. But the British Medical Association (BMA) believes it's best practice for patients to be referred for specialist treatment by their GP because they know your medical history and can advise you if a referral is necessary.

How much does private health cost in the UK?

According to our research, the average cost of an individual private health insurance plan sits at around £85 per month or £1,020 per year! However, just like any type of insurance, the cost of private health insurance can vary significantly depending on your circumstances.

How does private health care in UK Work?

How it works. You'll usually pay a monthly fee and then make claims for any eligible private healthcare you receive. Your insurance will cover some, or all of the costs of private treatments and may even give you a cash benefit for stays in NHS hospitals.

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