What are the requirements for a service dog in Florida?

In Florida, there is no legal requirement to register or certify a service animal. The federal ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) laws apply and mandate that a handler and a service dog are allowed to access public spaces simply by stating that the dog is a service animal.

How much does it cost to make your dog a service dog Florida?

Unfortunately, the costs needed to get a trained service dog may reach up to $30-40 000, based on the tasks that the dog needs to be trained to perform and the time that has to be invested in the training process. It may take up to 2 years or more to get a trained service dog.

How much is a service dog?

The exact cost of purchasing a service dog varies by breed but can be anywhere from $15,000 to $30,000. Some service dogs can cost far more, as much as $50,000.

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