Can you get medical aid if you are already pregnant?

As pregnancy is considered a pre-existing condition, it is excluded from all benefits for the first 12 months of scheme membership. That effectively means there is no medical cover for the period leading up to the birth, nor for the delivery itself.

Do medical aid covers pre-existing pregnancy?

And that's when our consultants deliver the bad news – pregnancy is a pre-existing condition that is excluded for 12 months after joining a medical scheme. All of the costs associated with scans, visits to the OBGYN and childbirth are not covered.

Does Bonitas medical aid cover pregnancy?

Up to 12 consultations during pregnancy. 2 x 2D ultrasound scans. 1 amniocentesis. Antenatal Classes.

Is pregnancy a PMB condition?

PMBs cover the delivery of your baby. Vaginal (natural) births are the norm and your medical scheme must fund them in full. Caesarean sections are covered by PMBs only if there are specific clinical reasons, like the foetus being in distress.

When should I buy insurance for pregnancy?

You should purchase your maternity insurance as early as possible, so that the plan can help to protect against any complications that might arise throughout the course of the pregnancy. The earliest you can purchase maternity insurance is typically the 13th week of your pregnancy.

Is it worth it to get maternity insurance?

Having maternity insurance in place when giving birth protects your newborn should it be born with any congenital disease. If any complications do arise, maternity plans usually cover a newborn for up to 30 days after delivery. After that, you'll need to make sure your baby is covered with newborn insurance coverage.

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