How do I know my personal insurance in Singapore?

MOTORING portal via > Digital Services > Others > Enquire Vehicle Insurance Details at a fee of $7.49 (inclusive of GST) per successful search.

How do I check my MediShield policy?

You can view the details of your MediSave withdrawals and MediShield Life claim details for past 15 months online at under "Latest healthcare payments and claims".

How can I check my Emirates ID insurance?

Ans: Simply visit the official website of the Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship. Locate the portal for Emirates ID details and enter your Emirates ID number in the assigned column. Click on submit to check the available details of your Emirates ID.

Does everyone have MediShield life?

MediShield Life provides universal healthcare coverage to all Singaporeans and Permanent Residents regardless of their pre-existing medical conditions, for life. Coverage is mandatory for Singapore residents and cannot be cancelled or terminated.

Is MediShield part of CPF?

MediShield Life is a basic health insurance plan, administered by the Central Provident Fund (CPF) Board, which helps people pay for large hospital bills and selected costly outpatient treatments, such as dialysis and chemotherapy for cancer.

Is MediShield life plan for life?

With MediShield Life, you'll remain covered for life, regardless of your age or health condition. MediShield Life helps you pay for large medical bills. This means you use less MediSave or cash, especially for B2 and C ward types.

How can I check my health insurance status online?

  1. Visit the Health Insurance Company's official website.
  2. Click on the 'Register a Claim' icon on their website.
  3. Now Select 'Track Claim Status'
  4. It will redirect you to a new page where you provide your Customer ID, Policy Number,
  5. Claim Number, and date of birth.
22 Jun 2022

How can I check if I have Daman in Emirates ID?

Answer. We recommend that you download the Daman app as it has all of your insurance details. If you or the healthcare provider have the Emirates ID card's copy or its number, they can check our system if you are eligible for coverage using the number.

Can I get Emirates ID without insurance?

The Emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi have made health insurance mandatory for all citizens and residents holding a visa issued by these Emirates, so now the Emirates ID application process includes the need for having a valid health insurance.

How can I check my Daman policy?

To know all the services which are covered under your insurance plan, you can access your benefits and exclusion list through Daman mobile app. Go to the main screen and click on "My insurance" and then "Schedule of Benefits". Or, you can sign-in to Daman Website at and go to “Benefits”.

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