Can braces be claimed from insurance?

Dental treatments such as braces and Invisalign are also not covered. However, dental insurance can be used to help mitigate the cost of regular dental cleanings, extractions and basic dental procedures that are needed for such treatments.

Is there a medical benefit to braces?

That being the case, dental braces reposition your teeth so that they rest in a healthy position in your mouth, preventing grinding and protecting your teeth.

Are there any health benefits to braces?

With time, this causes some dental issues such as tooth decay and gum disease. By straightening your teeth and improving your oral hygiene, you will prevent the onset of these diseases which are the leading cause of tooth loss.

How do you get braces when you can’t afford them?

Low-income families who qualify for Medicaid, Children's Health Insurance Plan (CHIP), or a state-sponsored low-income insurance program may receive free braces care for children. Eligibility requirements vary by state — some states cover children up to 21, while others only cover them up to 18.

Can you claim insurance for braces?

In some cases, you might be able to claim for orthodontic care with a health insurance plan that covers dental treatment, if it's for medical reasons and backed by your dentist. For example, if your teeth are causing health problems or if you need braces after an accident.

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