Are travel vaccinations free in the UK?

Not all travel vaccinations are available free on the NHS, even if they're recommended for travel to a certain area. If the GP practice is signed up to provide NHS travel vaccines, these can be provided to you free of charge. Other non-NHS travel vaccines may be charged for by the GP.

What vaccine should I take before Travelling?

Tetanus. Diphtheria. Typhoid. Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR)

Which travel injections are free on NHS?

  • polio (given as a combined diphtheria/tetanus/polio jab)
  • typhoid.
  • hepatitis A.
  • cholera.

Do I have to pay for vaccine in UK?

You will not have to pay for your vaccination.

How long do travel vaccinations last UK?

The vaccination requires a course of 3 injections for full protection. The second dose is given 1 to 3 months after the first and provides immunity for about a year. A third dose, given 5 to 12 months after the second, provides immunity for up to 3 years. The course can sometimes be accelerated if necessary.

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