How long do garage doors last?

Though many factors contribute to a garage door's lifespan, a typical garage door will last around 15 and 30 years. Your garage door's lifetime will vary depending on the type and brand you choose. Factors like the weather, environment, usage and maintenance schedule also impact the longevity of your garage door.

How often should garage doors be replaced?

The average lifespan of a garage door is about 30 years with the right maintenance. But individual circumstances vary — maybe your newly minted teenaged driver accidentally backed into the garage door, or maybe a windstorm flung debris at your door and damaged some panels.

How do you know when your garage door needs to be replaced?

  1. Wear and Tear Damage to the Door or Its Moving Parts. …
  2. The Door is Not Opening or Closing Properly. …
  3. Safety Issues Appear. …
  4. Your Energy Bills are Increasing. …
  5. Desired Material. …
  6. Location. …
  7. Insulation Value. …
  8. Size of Space.

How long should an automatic garage door last?

However, most experts agree that the average garage door should last between 15 and 30 years, depending on the quality of the materials, maintenance schedule and local climate. Automatic garage door openers will need to be replaced sooner, with an average life expectancy of 10–15 years.

How much is a good garage door?

The average price of a new garage door is often around $5,500 but can be anywhere between $2,150 to $10,000. If using a service provider to install your new garage door, you will typically have all costs quoted as one cost for labor, garage door, tracks, and any additional hardware.

Can you fix a dented garage door panel?

Wash the area with warm water and detergent and allow it to dry fully. Place the wood block over the dent and tap it with the mallet to even the dent. Sand the area to even it out. Use the patching material to cover the dented area and make it even using the putty knife.

How do you get dents out of garage door panels?

First, clean the dented surface with a mild soap and water mixture, then get a block and a mallet and move to the opposite side of the door, placing the block over the dent. Gently tap this section with the mallet until the area is flush with the rest of the panel.

Can you repair a bent garage door panel?

If you have small cracks, holes, or dents, then you can easily repair the panel. If you want to fix a bent garage door panel hit by a car, it may be more costly. It typically costs about $100 to $200 to repair a panel.

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