What are the benefits of an Amex gold card?

  • $120 Dining credit. …
  • Up to $120 a year in Uber cash. …
  • $100 resort credit. …
  • Presale and preferred event tickets. …
  • No foreign transaction fees.

Does Amex Gold have travel benefits?

Yes, the Amex Gold card does have travel insurance benefits, the best of which are car rental loss and damage insurance and baggage insurance. To be eligible to file a travel insurance claim, you'll need to pay for your travel using your Amex Gold card.

Does American Express pay for rental car insurance?

American Express offers rental car insurance as a complimentary benefit on all American Express-branded credit cards. American Express rental car insurance covers rental car damage or theft, accidental injury, accidental death or dismemberment, and personal property damage.

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Does Amex Platinum give you car insurance?

The Amex Platinum card offers many benefits, including car rental insurance and car rental privileges with Avis, Hertz, and National Car Rental. Rental car loss and damage insurance that comes with the Amex Platinum card is secondary, meaning it only covers what your primary insurance won't cover.

What benefits do you get with Amex gold card?

  • Up to $120 dining credit. …
  • Up to $120 in Uber Cash. …
  • American Express Preferred Seating. …
  • Car rental loss and damage insurance. …
  • $100 Hotel Collection credit. …
  • Baggage insurance plan. …
  • Extended warranties. …
  • Purchase protection.
Jan 27, 2022

Is the Gold Amex card worth it?

The American Express Gold Card is one of the premier cards for dining rewards, and the best for dining in Amex's elite card portfolio. Its high rewards rate, valuable benefits and up to $340 in total annual credits toward eligible dining, Uber and hotel purchases make the annual fee well worth it.


What income is needed for Amex gold card?

American Express does not disclose a specific income requirement, but it will need to be enough to make payments on the card and to afford the $250 annual fee.

Is Amex Gold hard to get?

Yes, it is hard to get the American Express® Gold Card because it requires at least good credit for approval. Unless your credit score is 700 or higher and you have a lot of income, it will be very hard for you to get approved for the Amex Gold card.

Do car rental companies accept American Express?

Avis requires credit card only payment on certain premium model vehicles. Accepted credit cards include Avis Charge Card, American Express, AT&T Capital, China Union Pay, Diners Club International, Discover, GE Capital, JCB, and Sears cards.

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Can a prepaid credit card be used to rent a car?

Yes, you can typically use a debit card, a prepaid card or even cash to rent a car. However, each rental company has its own rules about acceptable payment options – which often vary by location – and not paying by credit card often carries certain ramifications.

What cards can you use to rent a car?

No matter where you rent with a debit card, expect to comply with one or more of the following requirements: Provide a bank-issued debit card with a Visa, Mastercard or Discover logo. Rental car companies are unlikely to accept prepaid cards.

Can you use Amex for car payment?

AMEX has a program in place to allow you to pay for a car with your credit card, making them a great card issuer to use when buying a car! Not every dealer will let you use a credit card to pay for a car, so you might have to shop around.

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Does American Express Gold card have travel benefits?

It offers bonus points on food-related purchases, plus dining and travel credits. Rewards are transferrable to travel partners.

Is the Amex gold card a travel card?

Despite not being a travel card, the Amex Gold card does offer a respectable 3x points per dollar spent on flights. That includes flights booked directly with the airline and flights booked on amextravel.com.

Does Amex Gold give you access to airport lounges?

The Amex Gold card does not offer any complimentary airport lounge access. Bottom Line: If you value worldwide lounge access, the Amex Platinum card is a clear winner as the Amex Gold card does not offer any form of airport lounge access.

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